Bag filter

Unit: SET



The bag filter is a dry dust filter device. It is suitable for capturing fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. Filter bag is made of textile filter cloth or non-woven felt, the use of fiber fabric filtration effect to filter the dust-containing gas, when the dust-containing gas into the bag filter, the large particles, the proportion of heavy dust, due to the action of gravity settle down, fall into the ash hopper, containing finer dust gas in the filter material when the dust is retained, so that the gas is purified.

The bag dust removal system is based on different dust properties using different filter materials to intercept and retain the dust in the dust-containing gas, and uses collision, diffusion, static electricity, sedimentation and other functions to purify the dust-containing air, and at the same time adopts ash cleaning methods such as pulse spray fisherman. Remove the dust adhered to the surface of the filter material and restore the filtration capacity again, and there is no shutdown during ash cleaning, which does not affect production. It has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency (dust removal efficiency 99.5, dust emission concentration <80mg/m3), wide adaptation range, no secondary pollution and convenient maintenance. The main body of the dust collector adopts a standard module combination mechanism, which can flexibly increase the processing air volume according to the needs of use. The original entity does not need to be changed. It has the advanced and advanced nature of the future development of the applicable user unit.

type work away Application range
Dry Mechanical Dust Collector Dust removal equipment designed for the action of dust inertia and gravity. It is mainly used in the separation or concentration of high-concentration coarse particle size dust.
Wet dust removal meal Dust removal equipment that separates and captures dust particles by hydrowetting. It is mainly used in the occasion of dealing with dusty gas with high concentration and large air volume in the production process. For coarser, hydrophilic dust, the separation efficiency is higher than that of dry mechanical dust collector.

Granular layer dust            collector                    
It is a dust removal equipment that uses the accumulation layer of granular materials of different particle sizes as the filter material to block and filter the dust contained in the aerosol. It is mainly used in the dust exhaust point in the production process of building materials, metallurgy, etc., and it is often used to filter dusty flue gas with high concentration, coarse particles and high temperature.
Baghouse Dust removal equipment with fiber fabric or filling layer as filter medium. It is mainly used in places where fine dust is collected, that is, it is applied in the exhaust dust removal system, and it is also applied in the air intake system.
Electrostatic precipitator A dust removal device that ionizes gas with a high-voltage electric field to achieve dust removal. This kind of dust collector has high dust removal efficiency, low resistance, and convenient maintenance and management. It has the same effect as the bag filter in capturing fine dust particles.