Electrostatic precipitator

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The working principle of the electrostatic precipitator is to use a high-voltage electric field to ionize the flue gas, and the dust charge in the gas flow is separated from the air flow under the action of the electric field. The negative electrode is made of metal wires of different cross-sectional shapes, called discharge electrodes. The positive electrode is made of metal plates with different geometries and is called a dust collector electrode. The performance of the electrostatic precipitator is affected by three factors: dust properties, equipment construction and flue gas flow rate. The specific resistance of dust is an indicator to evaluate conductivity, which has a direct impact on dust removal efficiency. If the specific resistance is too low, it is difficult for dust particles to remain on the dust collecting electrode, causing it to return to the airflow. The specific resistance is too high, and the dust particle charge reaching the dust collection electrode is not easy to release, and the voltage gradient formed between the dust layers will cause local breakdown and discharge phenomenon. These conditions will cause the dust removal efficiency to decrease.

Compared with other dust removal equipment, electrostatic precipitator consumes less energy, has high dust removal efficiency, is suitable for removing 0.01-50um dust in flue gas, and can be used for occasions with high flue gas temperature and pressure. Practice shows that the larger the amount of flue gas treated, the more economical the investment and operating costs of using electrostatic precipitators.

HHD wide spacing horizontal electrostatic precipitator is the company's introduction and reference of foreign advanced technology, summarizing 30 years of design, manufacturing and application experience, combined with the characteristics of industrial kiln exhaust gas working conditions in various industries in China, in order to adapt to the increasingly stringent exhaust emission requirements and WTO market guidelines research and development of scientific research and development. The results have been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, cement and other industries. It has won the trust of the majority of users across the country and has strong market competitiveness.

The best wide spacing and special configuration of the plates make the electric field strength, plate current distribution more uniform, the driving speed can be increased by 1.3 times, so that the specific resistance range of the captured dust is expanded to 10 1 -10 14 Ω-cm, especially suitable for vulcanized bed boilers, new cement dry rotary kilns, sintering machines and other waste gas high specific resistance dust recovery, slow down or eliminate the reverse corona phenomenon.

The first new RS corona line in China

The maximum length can reach 15 meters, with low stun voltage, high corona current density, strong rigidity, never breakage, high temperature resistance, thermal change resistance, combined with the top beating method cleaning effect is excellent. The corresponding corona linear density is configured according to the dust concentration, so that it can adapt to the dust collection of high dust concentration, and the maximum allowable inlet concentration can reach 1000g/Nm 3.

typework awayApplication range
Dry Mechanical Dust CollectorDust removal equipment designed for the action of dust inertia and gravity.It is mainly used in the separation or concentration of high-concentration coarse particle size dust.
Wet dust removal mealDust removal equipment that separates and captures dust particles by hydrowetting.It is mainly used in the occasion of dealing with dusty gas with high concentration and large air volume in the production process. For coarser, hydrophilic dust, the separation efficiency is higher than that of dry mechanical dust collector.

Granular layer dust            collector                    

It is a dust removal equipment that uses the accumulation layer of granular materials of different particle sizes as the filter material to block and filter the dust contained in the aerosol.It is mainly used in the dust exhaust point in the production process of building materials, metallurgy, etc., and it is often used to filter dusty flue gas with high concentration, coarse particles and high temperature.
BaghouseDust removal equipment with fiber fabric or filling layer as filter medium.It is mainly used in places where fine dust is collected, that is, it is applied in the exhaust dust removal system, and it is also applied in the air intake system.
Electrostatic precipitatorA dust removal device that ionizes gas with a high-voltage electric field to achieve dust removal.This kind of dust collector has high dust removal efficiency, low resistance, and convenient maintenance and management. It has the same effect as the bag filter in capturing fine dust particles.